Zoom in on PropTech projects

Click2Shop: One click, three shopping centres
AG Real Estate has created for the Belgian market the first marketplace platform common to its Brussels city centre shopping: City2, The Mint, Anspach and soon also Westland. With this innovative digital initiative, the property owner offers a phygital solution to its retailers to meet the changing needs of today’s digital minded consumers. Convinced of the strength of physical commerce and the importance of putting digital and e-commerce at the service of the shop, AG Real Estate reconciles the best of both worlds and offers a sales-generating service to the retailers and customers in its shopping centres.
Developed in collaboration with Wishibam, the e-shop platform will allow customers to anticipate their purchases and prepare their visits 24/7 or even do their physical shopping online. The flexibility of this new service offers customers the opportunity to collect multi-shop and multi-centre purchases from a single collection point or have them delivered to an address of their choice. The platform is designed to simplify the day-to-day management for retailers. Stocks are updated automatically. An intuitive ordering process for both the consumer and the retailer has been put in place.
By investing in this new technology, AG Real Estate wants to show the retailer-occupiers of its shoppings that it is a real partner and can offer an adequate response to the optimisation of their turnover.
For more information: www.click2shopbrussels.be.
Gmp achieves the first SmartScore-certified building in Spain, and the fourth in the world
ARQBÓREA, the latest office development owned by Spanish real estate group Gmp, has become the first building in Spain and the fourth in the world to achieve SmartScore certification.
The building has been awarded a SmartScore Gold rating, making it one of the smartest places to work in the world.
SmartScore is the globally recognised smart building certification developed by WiredScore. This certification is the first global rating scheme to apply measurable and objective criteria to assess smart buildings. Assessment is based on the building’s ability to respond to user needs in areas such as health and wellness, sustainability, security, services, individual and collaborative productivity and maintenance. It also assesses to what extent the technology, processes and procedures in areas such as digital connectivity, building operation systems, cybersecurity, governance, network integration and data sharing are robust and future-proof.
SmartScore Gold certification achieved by ARQBÓREA recognises Gmp’s pioneering commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology at the service of sustainability and people. The building demonstrates cutting-edge innovation by deploying market-leading technology, processes and automation to deliver world-class outcomes to all users of the building, creating a highly sustainable, inspirational, cost-efficient and future-proof space.
ARQBÓREA has been designed following a smart approach aimed at optimising the overall management of the building, reducing its environmental impact and meeting high standards of well-being, safety and health for users. Moreover, Gmp’s Smart app has been highlighted as a tool that improves the user experience before even accessing the building.
More information: www.arqborea.com/www.grupogmp.com
GPE’s Platinum SmarScore building
Over the past five years, GPE has developed three smart buildings, with more on the way.  At The Hickman, located in London’s Whitechapel, GPE has delivered the world’s first Platinum SmartScore building.
At The Hickman, enhanced functionality is provided through sesame™, GPE’s award-winning smart workplace app, which allows building users to make more of every day. The smart functionality starts before staff leave home, enabling them to book desks, check the building’s air quality and access up-to-date transport data to avoid busy train times. On their journey, they can use the app to read over 150 different magazines and news titles, and on arrival at the building, they can utilise contactless access to get into the building and pick up a pre-ordered coffee from the Makers café in the reception area before getting to their desk. Once at their desk, they can use the app’s environmental controls over lighting and temperature to improve their working environment and productivity. The app also features a concierge service and connects with local lifestyle offers and amenities, allowing people to use gyms, local shops or enjoy the huge variety of London’s nightlife.
The technological foundation of the building is provided by the creation of a digital twin, a virtual replica of the building. At The Hickman, GPE has taken the digital model used during construction and connected it to the building’s management system. When combined with occupancy sensors, the data from the digital twin allows GPE to work with occupiers to optimise the use of the building to help reduce operational energy and allow GPE to meet its ambitious sustainability target to be a net-zero carbon business by 2030. Working with occupiers in this way helps to maintain high levels of employee satisfaction to ensure employee wellbeing and improve their working environment. In time, GPE will use machine learning to predict failures before they occur and feed this knowledge into GPE’s ongoing development pipeline.