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Lippulaiva's main entrance

Citycon’s new urban centre Lippulaiva: Pioneering the most advanced energy solutions in the world

Lippulaiva, under construction in Espoonlahti, Finland, is a pioneer in sustainable energy solutions. The heating and electricity systems of Lippulaiva are not only among the most advanced in the world but are also solid investments.
The largest geothermal heating and cooling facility for a commercial building in Europe has been built under Lippulaiva. It will generate carbon-free energy to meet almost the entire heating and cooling needs of the building, including the eight residential towers.
Lippulaiva’s electricity consumption is optimised with a smart operating system that also enables Citycon to participate in the demand response electricity market. A backup generator and a large electric battery are part of the smart, sustainable energy solution, in addition to more than 5,000 m2 of solar panels on the roof and wall surfaces of Lippulaiva.
“The smart energy systems in Lippulaiva are not only environmentally friendly but also very sound investments financially,” says Risto Seppo, Property Development Director at Citycon. “One of the goals of Citycon’s sustainability strategy is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. The Lippulaiva project and the lessons learned from it provide excellent support for reaching this goal.”

Quicker handover of flats with Deutsche Wohnen's HERMI

Greater speed and more efficient processes when there is a change of tenant: HERMI is the name of Deutsche Wohnen’s digital solution, which has recently been supporting staff with the process of changing tenants.
HERMI is an acronym for the German Herstellungsprozess Mieterwechsel, which means ‘process for managing changes of tenant’. The system collates the data and documents of importance at all stages of the transfer process, ranging from the refurbishment of a recently vacant flat to its handover to a new tenant. The advantages of this new digital workspace are that it provides a better overview in a shorter time and ensures that all relevant in-house members of staff, as well as external tradespeople, have information that is equally up to date.
The HERMI process operates on the basis of the data from the preliminary and final inspections of the flat prior to handover. This data has been collected via tablet for some time now. From here onwards, the process is now paperless as a start is made, together with system providers and other cooperation partners, on getting the flat ready for a new tenant.
For example, staff members can now commission tradespeople with just a few clicks; and offers no longer need to be entered by hand because HERMI recognises order items automatically. All in all, the system helps to reduce the time that flats stand vacant before they are relet.
HERMI is a specially developed SAP application that integrates seamlessly into the existing SAP systems at Deutsche Wohnen. This fully digitised management process has now been rolled out throughout the company with nationwide training sessions for internal and external users.