Vonovia property tour

The ‘African Quarter’ is a neighbourhood with a promising future. Located in Berlin-Wedding, Vonovia’s around 800 apartments are as diverse as the district, from almost 100-year old listed buildings to high rises from the 1970s.

Modernisation, conversion and space creation with a tailored mix of investments, Vonovia will change the image of its properties over the coming years. Keeping economic, social and demographic criteria in mind, the specific needs of our customers are being targeted. Socially responsible building modernisations will safeguard acceptance among tenants and reduce energy costs. Ramps and automatic doors for elderly people, urban gardening, art projects, the conversion of commercial units into a kindergarten, providing places for car sharing and e-mobility: these are but a few examples of how we make our properties fit for the future and adapt them to a changing environment and society.
Afrikanisches Viertel, Berlin-Wedding
In addition to meeting its economic targets, Vonovia takes its social responsibility as a strong and reliable partner for customers, municipalities, and social and political stakeholders in the city of Berlin very seriously.