EPRA new members in the spotlight

AVENTOS combines passion and real estate expertise with in-depth capital market insight. Its interdisciplinary approach enables it to open up new perspectives for its two fields of business: development and capital markets. Applying the power of its vision, it identifies hidden real estate potential and transforms it into sustainable value.
Claresco Finance
Claresco Finance is an independent portfolio management company created in 1998 by Edouard Ferri and Jean Marc Étienne. The two founders brought together a team of experienced managers to develop, on the one hand, private management and, on the other, a transparent and efficient range of funds.
Norwegian Property
Norwegian Property is a fully integrated commercial real estate company. The company’s philosophy is to create engaging meeting places that provide solid ground for developing relationships between people and the environment. Norwegian Property primarily owns commercial properties in the Oslo region.
R8 Property
R8 Property is a full-service real estate company focused on the development, ownership and management of centrally located and sustainable commercial properties. The company is one of the leading developers of sustainable properties in Norway, with Norway’s most satisfied tenants.
Residential Secure Income
Residential Secure Income (ReSI) is a real estate investment trust with the objective of delivering secure income returns by investing in Shared Ownership and other affordable residential asset classes.
St. Modwen
St. Modwen Properties PLC is a United Kingdom-based developer and regeneration specialist. The company operates through three segments: St. Modwen Logistics, St. Modwen Homes and Strategic Land & Regeneration.