An EPRA tour of the Asia Pacific region

By Yuri Zhou, EPRA Asia Pacific Director

ASK summit opening speech by Yuri Zhou - Seoul, October 2015
Twice a year, the EPRA Hong Kong office organises tours in the Asia Pacific region for CEOs of member listed property companies to meet local investors. The tours underpin EPRA’s goal of promoting European real estate to institutional investors across mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan under a mission statement of “we bring Europe to your doorstep.”
Although Asia is considered as part of the Emerging Markets, the strong growth trends over the past decades have resulted in an accumulated wealth that has frequent demand for offshore capital investments. One of the ‘Asia Week’ trip’s key objectives is to promote potential capital flows from Asian investors into the European listed sector.
Each trip covers a broad part of the region, usually five key cities based on investors’ appetite over a span of five days. The meetings are conducted on a one-on-one basis between leading investors and selected EPRA members to promote an exchange of ideas.
On top of the one-on-one meetings, there are also at least two seminars for participating companies, allowing knowledge building and interactive access to a much broader audience base. EPRA is firmly established in the region and works in association with UBS; the Asia Pacific Real Estate Association (APREA), an umbrella industry body across eight Asian nations; ARES, the real estate association in Japan and China REITs Alliance, the Chinese REITs leading voice.
Also, our investor outreach around these trips is building up a network of contacts with not only local investors but also national regulators, local media and partners in the region.
We were pleased to host senior management of Carmila, COIMA RES, Icade, NEPI Rockcastle and Tritax Big Box REIT during the last trip in December 2018. On the Asian investor side, more than 30 pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurers, leading fund managers and property companies joined our one-on-one meetings – representing total assets of USD 3.8 trillion. In total, we conducted some 160 one-on-one meetings alongside three well-attended seminars. The joining members brought to the table much enthusiasm and knowledge from diverse sectors.
Our next two rounds have been scheduled for the weeks of June 16 and December 1 with a plan to visit Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo. Should you wish to attend a future Asia Week, please contact Yuri Zhou at y.zhou@epra.com.